Our passion is providing quality child care.  We began this company on the idea of offering our families a program that is educationally enriched while providing personalized care to their children. 

Hear it From the Parents:

To all the teachers and staff at Little Dumplings Early Learning Center,

Thank you for all that you’ve done for our family this year.  Some of you we know well, some of you we see briefly in the morning or evening – regardless we know you have taught, changed, cuddled, hugged and comforted our boys since their first day at Little Dumplings.  You’ve become a part of our lives and helped mold our little men.  Thank you!

I told Wendy when we started we were terrified to send our boys to a large center.  Each and every one of you has completely dispelled any concerns we had.  You’ve taken such good care of Sam and Jesse throughout the year!  We’ve totally changed our mind about daycare centers, because you all are amazing!

It is time for our family to make some changes.  We will miss all of you so much!  We wish you the best in 2012-2013!

Thank you!

- The Odishoo's

Dear Curt, Vicky, Wendy, Becky, and the Little Dumplings Staff~

I am writing you a long overdue thank you letter.  Although Wade and I have tried to show our appreciation for you all, with notes here and there, little gifts, and donuts on Mother’s Day, we can NEVER express enough gratitude for all you have done for our family.  As working parents, it is vitally important to find child care that we are 100 percent confident with.  We have found that confidence with Little Dumplings.

Our initial tours of Little Dumplings in 2006 blew your competition out of the water.  As a mom, an elementary school teacher, and a former daycare teacher in college, I feel that I have very high standards; standards you continue to exceed.  We have been so pleased with the level of cleanliness, age appropriate academics, creative art projects, use of music through song and dance, abundance of fine and gross motor activities, and the use of educational computer programs offered at Little Dumplings.  You have high expectations and standards as the owners and directors and your commitment to your families is very apparent.  You hire quality staff who are not only educated, but genuinely care for children.  You are also able to retain that core group of teachers which is very difficult to do in a daycare setting.  You provide a variety of special activities and field trips for the children throughout the school year as well as create a wonderful, activity filled summer program for the children.  We would never, as a family, be able to afford to go to all of the places that the kids have the opportunity to experience with you during the summer. 

Our children who are now 4 years old and 5 1/2 years old are absolutely excelling because of the work all of you do at Little Dumplings, which is what has prompted me to write to you today.  With you, the children learned sign language at a very young age and have continued to progress academically.  It was made very clear to me just how strong Little Dumplings is academically when our daughter went to 4K this past school year at Meadow View Elementary in Oconomowoc.  Our daughter had a wonderful teacher who took each child at the level they came in at and differentiated their instruction and learning to help each child succeed and grow.  This teacher shared student work twice a week through class books she sent home.  From day one, the children in our daughter’s class who attended Little Dumplings stood out.  The children from Little Dumplings had obviously had many opportunities to hold writing utensils, to learn how to write their letters, to learn how to write their names mixing both capital and lowercase letters, and to illustrate their work to add meaning.  Although I am an educator and emphasize academics at home, I know, without a doubt, that our daughter would not have entered 4K with the skills that she did had it not been for Little Dumplings, your strong academics, and your amazing group of people there. 

Thank you for always providing phenomenal care for our children, for preparing them academically and socially, for teaching them to love learning, and for giving us the peace of mind needed to drop off our children and continue in our careers knowing there is no better place for our children to be.

In Gratitude,

- Wade and Michelle Gospodarek

Dear Staff of Little Dumplings, 

We want to say thank you for all you have done to support Zoey and Zayda. It was so reassuring dropping them off each morning knowing they were getting such great care. This is just a small gift for the staff (cookies) and the classrooms (books) to help show how grateful we are for the experiences you have provided for the girls. They will definitely miss their classrooms and the staff at Little Dumplings!

Thanks Again, 


- Matt & Krista Andringa

We had a lot of fun with all of our teacher and friends. We will miss you! Thank you for taking such great care of us!

- Ashley, Emma, Charlie Vonasten

Little Dumplings Staff, 

This was Jackson's first experience with daycare. It was a rocky start - which we expected (sorry for the screams you endured through the building!). But what we did not expect was the sense of belonging and family that we would experience. Little Dumplings welcomed us, and Jackson quickly adjusted to spending time there. Every single person we've met has touched Jackson's life by being so caring, patient, and full of joy. The staff at Little Dumplings is exceptional. We can't thank you enough for watching out for our little dare devil/climber/adventurous boy and teaching him not just words, colors, shapes, etc...but also to follow directions, share, be kind to his friends, and to continue to find fun and joy in his life, both at school and at home with us (he's always asking to do "art" and loves making paint handprints). We never had a doubt in our minds that Jackson was being well cared for, and well loved, while at school. We are heartbroken to be moving away. We can only hope that his new school can give him what you all have - A home away from home.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

- Garrett, Amber & Jackson Latsch