2 Years - 3 Years


(2 years - 3 years)

The transition room is the setting for our early nursery school program.  It is the transition area for children ready for a little more structure and routine.

Children in this room, ages 2  to around 3 years, benefit from a full program of learning activities. Running from 8:30 AM through 11:30 AM, the morning program includes music and movement, group stories, and "teach me" times. Children in this program are introduced to the basic concepts of shape, size, spatial relationships, color, counting, and matching. They are exposed to real life materials from nature and home life. Music, rhyming and storytelling help develop listening skills while also promoting basic language skills and expanding vocabulary.

Both the morning and the afternoon schedules provide plenty of time for developing self-help skills such as toilet training, eating, dressing, and caring for books and learning materials. Children in this program learn age appropriate group social behaviors and are encouraged through language and behavior modeling from their teachers.

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