General Tuition

The prices reflect a Full-Day Tuition and includes breakfast, lunch & afternoon snack.

The below tuition schedule reflects currents rates, effective January 6, 2020 and are subject to change*.

Infants / Toddlers

6 wks - 2 yrs

5 Days  -  $295
4 Days  -  $248
3 Days  -  $192
2 Days  -  $132
Extra Days  -  $71


2-3 yrs

5 Days  -  $270
4 Days  -  $228
3 Days  -  $177
2 Days  -  $122
Extra Days  -  $66


3k & 4k

5 Days  -  $245
4 Days  -  $208
3 Days  -  $162
2 Days  -  $112
Extra Days  -  $61

Additional Fees:

Enrollment Fee:
$80.00 per child, per year

This fee will be charged to your account every year on the date of your first day of attendance. These fees are nonrefundable should you choose not to join the center.

If your child attends 4K public school and only needs one-way transportation to Little Dumplings, you may be eligible to receive a discount on your tuition rate based on the hours of attendance. Please see director for rates.

Vacation Voucher Booklets:

After your child/ children have been in attendance at the center for 60 days, you will be eligible for vacation time. Each child who attends is given 2 times the child’s weekly scheduled days every year. They also may be used for days in which the center is closed for holidays or sick days. Should you reduce the number of days your child attends, you will lose those attended days for vacation. You will receive an email with how many vouchers you will receive for the year.  In order to use a voucher please email the office to let us now which day(s) you would like to use a voucher(s) for.  Vacation vouchers must be requested prior to or within 7 days of absence or holiday.  Vouchers will be kept track of in the office by the office staff and in your ledger.

**Children with Flex or Rotating Schedules will only receive 1 times the child's weekly schedule at the lowest attendance day.**



Tuition Express:

Tuition Express, part of our ProCare Software management system, will allow us to process tuition and fee payments safely, quickly and efficiently. In a matter of minutes we will accomplish what has taken us hours to complete—leaving us more time to spend on other aspects of the center. 

Once enrolled in Tuition Express, your tuition and fee payments will be paid automatically on Monday mornings. Tuition can be pulled via ACH, straight from your checking account (our preferred method), or you may keep a debit/credit on file to pull from weekly as well. Tuition may also still be paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. The office will set up a schedule to follow for bi-weekly payments, and the monthly payments will be pulled on the first Monday of every month for the 4 or 5 week period. There is no extra charge for an ACH pull weekly. A 5% tuition fee will be charged weekly to use debit and credit cards.

Tuition Express Form